Earthquake in Colombia

Pierre Matile
2 min readJan 19, 2024

Strange feeling.

Photos: C Matile

6.26 this morning. I woke up early to watch the downhill ski competition in Kitzbühel Europe. The Streif is one of the most exciting downhill skirun in the world, which explains me waking up so early. Additionally, we Swiss currently have a local hero who just managed to win the Lauberhorn downhill ski competition last week, Marco Oddermatt. I wanted to see if he would also win this run as he is the best currently.

But that is not the subject of this story. For your information, he did not manage to win this time. He appeared to be stressed out which is not normal for him and almost fell down after a few seconds.

No, what got my attention is a warning in my android phone, a warning that we just experienced a 5.9 earthquake about 200 kilometers away from Bogota in the region of Armenia. For you friends who live in earthquake prone regions, my stress may come as a surprise. For me, European, when I felt the building moving (my room is on the 13th floor), I felt very insecure. Google recommended putting my shoes on and bidding behind a table or moving to the center of the street to escape falling debris. My wife was still asleep. I finally decided to do nothing as the tremor was unique and very limited. What would you have done in my shoes?

Not having researched Colombia in detail, I thought I would be the victim of a robbery or a kidnapping. I never thought that I could die stupidly in an Earthquake with 1000 others, as it happened a few years ago in the same region.

Thanks for your thoughts. I will hopefully be flying back tonight.



Pierre Matile

Author of the “Dictatorship of the Expert Systems”